Sipsmith Has Created a Special Drink Called the Strawberry Smash to Commemorate Wimbledon.

Sipsmith London, the Official Gin Partner of The Championships at Wimbledon, has announced the release of Sipsmith Strawberry Smash in the United States, a limited edition gin handcrafted in celebration of the partnership between the two British icons and a humorous digital spot released in the run-up to The Championships. Sipsmith Strawberry Smash will be available across the United States in select Sipsmith London bars and restaurants in conjunction with new online casino bonuses.

 Sipsmith Strawberry Smash is made with genuine Wimbledon strawberries from the 2020 harvest. These strawberries are grown exclusively for The Championships by Hugh Lowe Farms in Kent, England. The Sipsmith Strawberry Smash embodies British summer drinking. These strawberries, which were grown with care but were not used in the tournament last year, were instead used in a celebration of Sipsmith’s relationship with Wimbledon, resulting in the creation of a gin that was unique in its category.

 “There is no finer celebration of British heritage and brilliance than the Championships at Wimbledon,” says Sam Galsworthy, founder of Sipsmith, “and we are so happy to offer this very rare, limited edition gin with U.S. sippers.” When life gave us strawberries, we decided to make strawberry gin instead of strawberry lemonade.

 “With Sipsmith becoming the Official Gin Partner of Wimbledon this year, we felt it was only natural to harness the taste of British summertime and use strawberries from last year’s Championships to make this year’s champion gin,” says Jared Brown, Master Distiller at Sipsmith. “With Sipsmith, we became the Official Gin Partner of Wimbledon this year,” he adds. Sipsmith Strawberry Smash was created to our exacting standards by layering complementary ruby red strawberries and fresh English mint alongside the botanicals used to perfect our London Dry Gin. We’d like to think that by doing so, we’ve introduced a new gin that is perfectly balanced while remaining subtly sweet – ideal for refreshing summer cocktails.”

 Sipsmith Gin is proud to release ‘The Official Tennis of Sipsmith Gin,’ a new creative spot created in collaboration with Ogilvy UK and starring the brand’s lovable stop-motion character Mr. Swan, to further celebrate its partnership with The Championships, Wimbledon. This release was made in honor of Sipsmith’s partnership with Wimbledon’s Championships. The adoring video captures the love match between these two legendary British brands: champions of excellence with an unwavering quest for greatness, and how they take what they do seriously, but never themselves. The advertisement will be broadcast across all of Sipsmith’s social channels during the month leading up to the tournament, including Facebook ( and Instagram ( It will also receive special attention in the American cities of Boston, Miami, and San Francisco.

 “It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Sipsmith to The Championships’ family of Official Partners. Wimbledon and Sipsmith are both well-established, time-honored businesses that are committed to exceeding expectations and want to tell their stories all over the world. We are thrilled that Sipsmith has decided to commemorate its first year as an Official Partner of The Championships by releasing this celebration gin, which is made with strawberries grown in the Wimbledon region. “We hope The Championships will play an exciting role this summer,” said Mick Desmond, Commercial and Media Director at The All England Lawn Tennis Club. As we begin to return to normalcy, the excitement of our devoted Wimbledon fans grows, and we hope that The Championships will play a role this summer.

 After successfully persuading Parliament to repeal a decades-old regulation, the founders of Sipsmith were able to effect a historic transformation, constructing London’s first small batch gin distillery in nearly two centuries in 2009. Since then, Sipsmith has been credited with laying the groundwork for the gin renaissance in the United Kingdom, as well as the subsequent global category renaissance. Sipsmith collaborates with Wimbledon to bring a taste of their shared commitment to excellence and British tradition to gin and tennis fans across the United States, as well as through casino deposit bonuses in America where you can try your luck. Sipsmith’s handcrafted gins are committed to an unwavering pursuit of quality and craftsmanship. Sipsmith’s handcrafted gins are distinguished by an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Sipsmith is the ideal embodiment of a classic London Dry Gin, and using it is required to produce cocktail servings of the highest caliber. This refreshing take on the traditional style of gin is a wonderfully balanced gin with a hint of sweetness. It goes well with a Gin and Tonic or a Wimbledon Collins.

Sipsmith Strawberry Smash is now available in the United States for a limited time as a limited time offering with a Suggested Retail Price of USD 29.99, inviting sippers to experience this uniquely handcrafted gin to perfect your serve this summer. Sipsmith Strawberry Smash is available at select retailers across the country.

 Observations on the Flavors

 On the nose, there is a strong presence of juniper, followed by a more muted strawberry aroma, a mild citrus note, and finally some mint touches.

On the palate, you’ll detect hints of strawberry and mint, which are perfectly balanced by the herbal overtones of traditional London Dry Gin.

The aftertaste has a delicate fruitiness that blends with a dry juniper to create a minty smoothnes

Sipsmith The Tennis Club at Wimbledon


 Sipsmith Strawberry In the proportion of two parts, smash

 1 tbsp lemon juice

 12 cup simple syrup

Water with soda

 Strawberries and a lemon twist are used as garnish.

 The Strawberry Smash, lemon juice, and simple syrup should be combined in a highball or collins glass filled with ice, according to the recipe. Finish with carbonated water and garnish with fresh strawberries and a lemon twist. After that, try your luck at an online casino in the United States.

 This year, Sipsmith is giving drinkers in the United States a one-of-a-kind chance to win the grand prize in their sweepstakes competition. Participate in this sweepstakes for a chance to win several great prizes, including weekly draws and regional awards, as well as the grand prize of four days and three nights at Wimbledon in London in 2022.

In relation to Sipsmith

Sipsmith Distillery was London’s first copper distillery in nearly two centuries, with the goal of reintroducing London Dry Gin to the city that gave it its name. Sipsmith is regarded as one of the forefathers of the gin revival. Sipsmith combines cutting-edge technology with time-honored recipes and production methods. All of Sipsmith’s libations are handcrafted and in small batches because they are inspired by the conviction that this is the only way to produce spirits of such high quality. Sipsmith opened its distillery in 2009, and since then, its London Dry Gin has won more than 30 medals around the world.